How Do I Make A Complaint?

Patients usually receive high quality care and service; however, sometimes problems occur. Many issues arise because of misunderstandings. Others may arise from genuine errors. Simple misunderstandings can often be resolved informally. However, some issues require investigation and follow-up by the Board.

If you have concerns:

  • Talk with your pharmacist about your concerns. In most cases they will want to know that you are dissatisfied with the service received. Sometimes, problems occur because there has been a misunderstanding between what you expect and what the pharmacist believes should be done for your care. Discussion will often resolve your questions and concerns.
  • If the pharmacist is unable to resolve your concerns, or if you are not comfortable talking with the pharmacist, talk with the pharmacy manager about your situation.
  • If you are unable to receive satisfaction from the above efforts or if you feel neither of the above options are appropriate, you may call the Newfoundland and Labrador Pharmacy Board to discuss your concerns. A Board staff member will listen and offer guidance to help resolve your situation. Quite often, the Board staff is able to resolve your concern by making the pharmacist involved aware of the situation.
  • If the Board staff is unable to resolve the concern to your satisfaction, you may wish to file a formal allegation with the Board. You must do this in writing. If you have any documentation, correspondence, prescription vial etc., be prepared to submit such information to support your allegation.

What we cannot do:

The Board can only take action against pharmacists with regard to professional matters. The Board cannot help you with problems related to other health care professionals such as physicians or nurses. The Board also cannot resolve monetary or business-related issues such as:

  • fees and related financial issues
  • billing or money collection problems
  • services not related to your health care needs e.g. postal outlets, bill payments
  • problems caused by your own inappropriate conduct

For more information, please visit our Complaints & Discipline Resolution page.

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