NL Pharmacy Board Election – Voting in Zone 3

Voting is now open for NLPB Zone 3 Board election. The election will be held through our secure, confidential elections portal. To access the election portal, visit and click on: Registrant Login. Once logged in, click on the link called “View Candidates and Cast Your Vote.” The deadline for casting your vote is 11:59 pm, April 27, 2019. The successful candidate will be announced at the NLPB AGM taking place on Friday, May 3, 2019.


New Registrant Reception & Awards Presentation – Please RSVP!

The New Registrant Reception & Awards Presentation will be held at the JAG Boutique Hotel in John’s on Friday, May 3, 2019.

Please RSVP by April 25, 2019 to

We look forward to seeing you there! 


REMINDER – Requirements of Standards of Pharmacy Operation

It has recently been brought to our attention that some of the issues identified from the Prescription Monitoring Program data have resulted from some registrants not fully adhering to the requirements of the Standards of Pharmacy Operation – Community Pharmacy. In particular:

  • Section 3.2 j) of the Standards requires that “when filling or logging a prescription for continuing therapy, any existing prescriptions for the same drug therapy with refills remaining must be deactivated to prevent them from being inappropriately filled in the future.” This requirement is also extended to prescriptions that may exist at another pharmacy. If, while filling a prescription for a patient at your pharmacy, you see that they have an active prescription for the same therapy at another pharmacy, this prescription should be deactivated. This not only prevents the patient from potentially receiving duplicate therapy, but also keeps the patient’s medication profile in the electronic health record clear.

  • Section 3.5 a) i) of the Standards requires that for each prescription dispensed to a patient, the “date the prescription was written” must be documented on the patient medication profile. It is important for registrants to ensure that the date recorded is the actual date the prescription was written and not simply the date that the prescription was presented to the pharmacy by the patient. This is important for several reasons. It is particularly important in the context of the Prescription Monitoring Program since, as part of that program, prescriber’s are required to review the patient medication profile in the electronic health record before writing a prescription for a monitored drug. When audits are conducted and these dates do not match, it could result in “explain” letters being issued to prescriber’s in error.


Did You Know? – Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know that the Board has several Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages on our website? These pages can be found by clicking on one of the main menu topic areas and then picking the relevant FAQ page from the list. They include a number of commonly-asked questions related to areas such as:


Wellspring Leadership Awards for 2019

On behalf of the Board of the Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy (CFP) we are pleased to announce our ongoing commitment to advancing the profession of pharmacy with a new grant of $10,000 for the Wellspring Pharmacy Leadership Awards.

While pharmacy revenues are being challenged, CFP sees the value in continuing to invest in the future of pharmacy through the development of our leaders.

These annual awards recognize both demonstrated and potential leadership in individuals in the pharmacy profession. Recipients receive up to $10,000 for initiatives that further develop personal leadership through study, experiential learning, or mentor-ship.

Candidates can nominate themselves or be nominated by others. Visit the link above for details. 

Please send submissions for the 2019 awards by April 12, 2019 to


Regular Reminders

Registrant Contact Information – Registrants are responsible for ensuring that the contact information on their registrant profile, including email address and practice site, is accurate at all times. The NLPB primarily uses email communication to send newsletters, renewal reminders, practice site assessment information, professional development audit information, calls for interest for committees, and other alerts. If the email address on file is incorrect, important information may be missed and/or disclosed to the wrong person. If your contact information changes, please log into the NLPB Registrant Login to update your file with your new contact information as soon as you can.

Proof of Continuous Professional Liability Insurance Coverage – In accordance with provincial legislation and the NLPB Policy – Professional Liability Insurance Requirements for Registration, all registrants are required to provide proof of continuous professional liability insurance coverage. Each year, when you renew your policy, once a copy of the new certificate/policy is received, you must upload an electronic copy of this documentation to your registrant profile. If you are uncertain how to do so, please click on this link for instructions: How to Upload Documents.

Forgot Your Password? – You can retrieve your NLPB Online Registrant Portal password at any time. Under the Login box, click the message that says, “Forgot your password? Click here to restore it.” On the next screen, enter your NLPB username, if you know it, or your email address. Click “Retrieve”. In a few minutes, you will receive an email with your username and password. Once you are logged in to your profile, you can change your password, if desired.

Receipts & Invoices – Did you know that NLPB’s Registrant Portal maintains all receipts created by the system. If, for any reason, you need a receipt or to view an invoice, you can do so from your registrant profile. Once logged in, click on “Renewal Other/Invoices” and then select either “view invoice” or “print invoice” next to the one you are interested in.


This e-newsletter contains information on a wide variety of topics intended to enhance the practice of pharmacy in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. As it is published and circulated to all registrants on a monthly basis. It is the expectation of the NLPB that all registrants are aware of the matters contained therein.


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