Complaints Authorization Committee

The Complaints Authorization Committee is responsible for reviewing allegations relating to the professional practice of registrants referred by the Registrar’s Office.


  • Justin Peddle
  • Amy Randell
  • Jason Ryan
  • Mark Sheppard
  • Andrew Sweetapple

Disciplinary Panel

The Disciplinary Panel is responsible for considering complaints referred by the Complaints Authorization Committee.


  • Heather Seeley (Chair)
  • Mike Batt
  • Sheldon Baines
  • Jeff Fost
  • Barbara Ann Gill
  • Renee Harris
  • Kathleen King
  • Kristina Myers
  • Sandi Osmond
  • Lori Power
  • Debi Snow
  • Wanda Spurrell
  • Christina Tulk
  • Deep Upadhyay
  • Sarah Way
  • Robert Williams, public rep.
  • Yvonne Young, public rep.

Finance and Audit Committee

The committee is responsible for overseeing, reviewing, developing recommendations and advising the board and Registrar on the financial operation of the NLPB.


  • Henry White (Chair)
  • Jason Ryan
  • Mark Sheppard

Pharmacy Practice Advisory Committee

The committee assists the board in meeting its goals of protecting the public and ensuring quality and ethical care, by advising on current or new standards related to registrants’ scope of practice.


  • Pamela Barnes (DHCS)
  • Michelle Carpenter (CRNNL)
  • Brittany Churchill (CSHP-NL)
  • Katrina Drover
  • Jennifer Godsell
  • Currently Vacant (CPSNL)
  • Debbie Kelly (MUN)
  • Tiffany Lee (PANL)
  • Justin Peddle
  • Andrea Woodland

Professional Development Review Committee

The committee is responsible for developing, reviewing and making recommendations regarding the current continuing education and professional development program for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians; developing, reviewing and making recommendations regarding the accreditation of professional development programs; advising on future expansions to professional development and continuing competency supporting the board in its goals of protecting the public and maintaining quality assurance; and conducting the annual Professional Development Audit.


  • Deep Upadhyay (Chair)
  • Shawn Bugden
  • Amy Clarke
  • Renee Harris
  • John Hawboldt
  • Debbie Kelly
  • Derek Long
  • Jody Pomeroy
  • Stefan Rideout
  • Jason Ryan
  • Colleen Squires
  • Jillian Thorne

Quality Assurance Committee

The committee is responsible for investigating concerns related to quality assurance issues in pharmacy practice that have been referred by the Registrar, the Complaints Authorization Committee, or one that the committee itself has recognized.


  • Andrew Sweetapple (Chair)
  • Paula Chaplin
  • Brittany Churchill
  • Terry Foss
  • Susan Gladney-Martin
  • Sheilagh Hanley
  • Karen Mercer
  • Cassandra Osmond
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