Call for Expression of Interest – Public Representative Board Appointment

February 7th, 2023


The Newfoundland and Labrador Pharmacy Board (NLPB) is seeking interested members of the public to serve as Public Representatives on NLPB’s board of directors.


NLPB, established by legislation in 1910, is the regulatory body for the practice of pharmacy in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. NLPB’s mission is to protect the people of the province by governing the profession of pharmacy to ensure quality and ethical care. To fulfill its obligation of public protection, NLPB:

  • registers pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, students and interns, and licenses;
  • establishes and maintains a quality assurance program to promote high standards for the practice of pharmacy;
  • develops standards, guidelines, and policies for the practice of pharmacy; and
  • responds to and manages complaints and disciplines relating to the practice of pharmacy.


NLPB’s board of directors consists of nine pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, the Dean of the Memorial University School of Pharmacy, and 4 public representatives. Public representative positions cannot be held by pharmacists or pharmacy technicians, but instead by individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets who can bring patient and other outside perspectives to the board of directors and its committees.


The board of directors meets quarterly, usually for one day, and additionally as needed. Meeting materials are provided in advance so that members can prepare for the meeting.  In addition, board members are expected to participate in committee work, NLPB’s Annual General Meeting, board governance training, and strategic planning sessions (held once every three years). All positions on the board of directors are volunteer positions, however, expenses related to participation and attendance at board meetings are reimbursed in accordance with an established expense policy.


Public representatives hold office for a term of three years and are eligible to be re-appointed for a maximum of nine consecutive years.


No experience is necessary to serve as a public representative on NLPB’s board of directors, and training will be provided. However, the following attributes and qualities are considered assets for the positions:

  • Previous board or committee experience
  • Volunteer or work experience that demonstrates acting in the public interest
  • Interest in healthcare
  • Strong reasoning/decision-making skills
  • Experience in any of the following fields:
    • Governance
    • Strategic Management
    • Public Relations
    • Public Sector Administration
    • Human Resources
    • Education
    • Finance
    • Legal


Members of the Board of Directors are not paid for their services; though, they may be renumerated for certain expenses associated with conducting the business of NLPB as per NLPB’s Expense Claims policy.

If you are interested, please submit your name, contact information, a brief bio (including any relevant experience), and a few lines about why you are interested in being part of the NLPB Board of Directors to


NLPB is committed to diversity and inclusion at all levels of operations and governance. We prohibit discrimination and harassment of any kind based on race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, social origin, religious creed, religion, disability, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, family status, source of income, or political opinion as outlined in the Human Rights Act, 2010.

NLPB’s recruitment and selection processes for board appointments are fair and equitable to ensure the most optimal board composition that reflects the diverse nature of the public it serves.


For more information on the operation and activities of the NLPB, please visit


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