Call for Nominations – Board Representatives

NLPB is currently seeking nominations for Zone 5 (Hospital Pharmacist), Zone 6 (Pharmacy Technician), and Zone 7 (At-Large Pharmacists) board representatives. Pharmacy professionals are entitled to be nominated and vote in the zone in which they practice the majority of their time. Please note, Zone 7 is open to all registered pharmacists regardless of their practice site.

For information on the responsibilities and priorities of NLPB, please see About The Board and NLPB Strategic Action Plan 2020-22.

A link to the NLPB bylaws which govern the election process and the timeline for this year’s election are attached to this notice.

The completed nomination form must be received by email, fax, or mail by Friday, June 23, 2023.

This is an opportunity to contribute your knowledge, skills, and expertise by becoming an NLPB board member. The newly elected members will commence their three-year term following the announcement of the results during the Annual General Meeting on August 25, 2023. Good luck with the nominations!

Nominations 2023 Package and Form
Nominations 2023 Package and Form (print only)
NLPB By-laws
NLPB Board Elections 2023 Timeline


Professional Practice

NLPB will be relaunching the Professional Practice Webinar Series this fall to further support pharmacy professionals in their practice. These webinars will cover topics related to NLPB’s role in public protection, such as quality assurance and continuous quality improvement; understanding standards, guidelines, policy, and legislation; providing safe and ethical care; and managing interactions with patients.

In developing the upcoming webinar series, NLPB is calling on registered pharmacy professionals to submit topics of interest for consideration. If there is a topic you would like to learn more about, please send it to


Requests for Letters of Standing Now Online

Requests for a Letter of Standing must now be submitted online through the NLPB Registrant Portal. For instructions on submitting a request for a letter of standing online, please refer to the NLPB Registrant Portal User Guide – Requesting a Letter of Standing.

Please note, both Active and Inactive registrants can submit requests for letters of standing through the NLPB Registrant Portal. If you have been inactive for some time and have never accessed the new NLPB Registrant Portal, click the Forgot Password button and enter your email address to have a new temporary password sent to you. Follow the instructions in the email to access the system. Once logged into the NLPB Registrant Portal, you will be asked to create a new password and security questions. Please note that both passwords and security questions are case-sensitive. If you do not receive an email containing a temporary password please contact to ensure your email address is up-to-date in the system.


Returning from Leave – Submitting Professional Development Requirements

Previously registered pharmacy professionals who are on leave but intend to re-register with NLPB within the current year are advised to contact if they wish to begin documenting their professional development activities in the NLPB Registrant Portal.


Professional Development Accreditation Services

As communicated in the Spring 2022 issue of The Apothecary, NLPB will cease accreditation services by November 30, 2023. The interpretation guide for Professional Development Requirements for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians provides a list of accrediting bodies currently recognized by NLPB. NLPB encourages individuals and organizations seeking accreditation for pharmacy continuing education and professional development, to contact the Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy (CCCEP) for information on accreditation services.

Revised Standards of Pharmacy Operation for Community Pharmacy

As announced in the fall of 2022, NLPB has approved the revised Standards of Pharmacy Operation for Community Pharmacy.

The expectation is that the requirements of the Standards should be met at the earliest possible date but no later than September 1, 2023. All new pharmacy openings will be expected to meet the Standards at the time of opening.

Pharmacy professionals, including pharmacists-in-charge, pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians, should review the recent article in the Fall 2022 issue of The Apothecary for a summary of key changes and also review the Standards in their entirety at their earliest convenience.

Additional resources:

CAPT Annual Conference

Canadian Association of Pharmacy Technicians (CAPT) National Professional Development Conference

Developed by pharmacy technicians for pharmacy technicians across Canada, CAPT’s annual conference provides the opportunity to learn new techniques and new ideas, and network with others who are passionate about their profession. The 2023 Annual Conference will be taking place June 23-25 at the Marriott Harbourfront Hotel in Halifax, NS.

Some topics include:
Discovering BPMH, The Mystery Unraveled!
Leadership Roles for Pharmacy Technicians: Keep Calm and Lead On!
Career Spotlight

For more information on the conference program and to register, click here.


Invitation to Participate in New Study by PHAC and Health Canada

Public Health Agency of Canada and Health Canada need your help.

Please complete a short survey about health worker perceptions of COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness, acceptance, and drivers of vaccine decision-making.

This is a first-of-its-kind survey evaluating the real-world COVID-19 vaccine uptake and performance among health workers.

Health professionals and health workers do not need to have been vaccinated to take part in this study.

Please take around 15 minutes to complete this anonymous and confidential survey by 26 June.

Your responses are anonymous and confidential.

For further information please visit the FAQs and Privacy Notice website. If you need alternative means of accessing the survey or require any technical assistance, please contact



Regular reminders

  • Registrant Contact Information – Registrants are responsible for ensuring that the contact information on their registrant profile, including email address and practice site, is accurate at all times. The NLPB primarily uses email communication to send newsletters, renewal reminders, practice site assessment information, professional development audit information, calls for interest for committees, and other alerts. If the email address on file is incorrect, important information may be missed and/or disclosed to the wrong person. If your contact information changes, please update your information on file by logging into the NLPB Registrant Portal.
  • Application Submission – NLPB receives many applications for processing. Unfortunately, some of the applications submitted are illegible, incomplete, or missing supporting documentation or payment, leading to delays in processing and approving the application. In order to ensure that your application is processed in a timely manner, please take a moment before submission to ensure that all fields are completed and legible and that all supporting documentation is included. All supporting documentation should adhere to NLPB’s Scanning Guidelines and Checklist for Document Submissions Policy. These small steps will help improve the process for both the applicant and NLPB.

This e-newsletter contains information on a wide variety of topics intended to enhance the practice of pharmacy in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. As it is published and circulated to all registrants on a monthly basis, it is the expectation of NLPB that all registrants are aware of the matters contained therein.

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