Recognition of Professional Excellence & Achievement

August 10th, 2018

Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians in Newfoundland and Labrador are a large group of highly skilled individuals focused on patient safety and are committed to the advancement of the profession.

Each year, the Newfoundland and Labrador Pharmacy Board recognizes individual registrants for their achievements and outstanding dedication and contribution to the profession.

The Emerald Achievement Award highlights individual registrants with longstanding service to the profession. Emerald Achievement Award winners have been registered with the board and contributing to the provincial health system for 35 years.

The Patient Safety Award recognizes an individual registrant, a group of registrants, an interdisciplinary group, or a pharmacy organization for their contribution to improving patient safety.

Finally, the NLPB Certificate of Recognition acknowledges registrants for their outstanding dedication and contribution to the Board.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the 2018 award winners and offer a special welcome to new pharmacy registrants.

Emerald Achievement Award Recipients:

Noel Codner
Berkley Coish
Jacqueline Dale
Roderick Elliott
Kelly Fitzpatrick
Charles Green
Zeta Hannaford
Perry Humphries
Glenn Locke
Debbie Mercer
Leona Mercer
Daniel O’Brien
Leslie Phillips
Alice Porter
Perry Warren

Patient Safety Award Recipients:

Heather Seeley and Team – Shoppers Drug Mart (Commonwealth Ave, Mount. Pearl)

Heather and her team were recognized for their commitment to continuous quality improvement through their work with the Bonaventure Retirement Home. They have worked closely with the operators of Bonaventure Retirement Home, physicians, and the personal care home monitoring team to provide the highest quality pharmacy care to residents. Through collaboration with members of the residents’ health care providers, Heather and the Shoppers Drug Mart team have positively and effectively supported patients, ensuring the highest quality of patient care and professionalism.


John Bautista

John was recognized for his consistent efforts to continuously improve safety for the patients of Central Health. John is a Clinical Pharmacist at Central Health practicing in the areas of Mental Health and Antimicrobial Utilization. His ongoing work in the area of C. Difficile management has had a proven positive impact on patient safety. He took the lead in developing novel methods to address antibiotic overuse within Central Health and continuously performs audits to monitor usage of broad-spectrum antibiotic and treatment regimens for various infectious disease states. His research demonstrated the positive impact of pharmacist intervention and medication management in optimizing the treatment of C. Difficile induced infections.

NLPB Certificate of Recognition:

Ray Gulliver

Since his registration with the Board in 2005, Ray has volunteered untold hours for the advancement of the work of the Board. He has been a member of the Legislative Committee, the Professional Development Committee and continues to serve as the Board’s representative on the Joint Committee on Structured Practice Experience. In 2010 Ray was elected to the Board and he is currently serving his third, three-year term. He is Chair of the Board’s Complaints Authorization Committee, and the Finance and Audit Committee,in addition to serving in the positions of Vice Chair (2011-12) and Chair (2012-13). Ray is the Pharmacist in Charge of Baccalieu Trail Pharmacy in Clarke’s Beach. Ray also has the distinction of leading the first pharmacy to connect to the provincial Pharmacy Network.

New Registrants:

Pharmacists Registered in 2017

Wael Ahmed
Hubert Ajiboye
Abdelhamid Bayoud
Alexa Bull
Jessica Chambers
Sarah Chiasson
Chun Yin Chong
Travis Coles
Tyler Duhart
Jenika Durnford
Angela Francis
Maria Flynn
Matthew Hamlyn
Michael Andrew Hawley
Kevin Hillier
Lisa Jeans
Chelsea King
Wade Kirk
Colleen Lawrence
Michael Lidstone
Dillan Lush
Jeremy MacDonald
Kelsey Maidment
Laura Mailman
Jeannine McQuaid
Paige McQuaid
Kelly Mitchelmore
Sarah Mulrooney
Nicole O’Rielly
Linda Ou
William Parker
Sydney Peckham
Elizabeth Perry
Brittany Phillips
Allan Rappoldt
Kelsei Rogers
Amber Russell
Robyn St. Croix
Mareina Sidhom
Karly Smith
Tyler Smith
Shelby Spurrell
Janice Tan
Caitlyn Walsh
Travis White
Leah Young

Technicians Registered in 2017

Cynthia Allen
Tracy Baggs
Cassandra Barnes
Maegan Barney
Morgan Bass
Lois Battcock
Afton Batterton
Lori Lee Beer
April Bennett
Krista Bennett
Carla Bitsack
Trina Blum
Erica Bradbury
Nikita Brewer
Ashley Brown
Jane Burge
Tina Bursey
Charlene Butler
Aimee Cabot
Pauline Canning
Jodi Card
Danielle Chafe
Lisa Chafe
Melisa Chaulk
Pamela Cheeks
Lesley Coffin
Nina Colbourne
Colleen Cole
Vanessa Cole
Stephanie Cron-Pitcher
Madonna Culleton-Whittle
Natalie Dancey
Anna Marie Decker
Amy Devereaux
Rebecca Downton
Dolores Drover
Pamela Drover
Angela Earle
Trina Edwards
Angela Evoy
Alicia Feehan
Danielle Fitzpatrick
Lisa Fitzpatrick
Tiffany Ford
Michelle Fraize
Wendy Fudge
Alison Garnier
Barbara-Ann Gill
Francine Gillingham
Amanda Grant
Carla Grimes
Danielle Groves
Michelle Harnum
Lisa Harding
Chantel Healey
Cynthia Healey
Jennifer Healey
Jo Ann Hicks
Allison Higgins
Jean Hinks
Melissa Hobbs
Carol Ann Hodder
Tracy Hodder
Danielle Hollett
Brittany Hurdle
Nicole Hussey
Julia Hynes
Colleen Ings
Robyn Jennings
Jennifer Keeping
Ruby Kelly
Meaghan King
Jennifer Langdon
Kimberly Legrow
Natasha Lemoine
Natalie Lethbridge
Ryan Lethbridge
Crista Locke
Pauline Lovell
Samantha MacDonald
Craig MacDougall
Megan Martin
Tammy Martin
Beverly McGrath
Helen McInally
Ronald Mercer
Stephanie Mercer
Curt Miller
Ashlee Mills
Darlene Murray
Shauna Nash
Lisa Newhook
Nikita O’Dell
Laura O’Reilly
Cassandra Osmond
Lisa Parsons
April Payne
April Pearson
Jenetta Pilgrim
Amanda Pittman
Charlotte Poole
Lori Pottle
Kelly Power
Linda Power
Krisdina Pynn
Denise Rafferty
Lisa Randall
Amanda Rickert
Jocelyn Rickert
Vanessa Savory
Ashley Sexton
Courtney Skinner
Mary Skinner
Ann Marie Snook
Jennifer Snow
Petrina Snow
Tanya Snow
Karen Sparkes
Diane Squires
Karen St. John
Nicole Stead
Varinder Stringer
Shannon Sullivan
Dawn Tavenor
Carla Thompson
Noelle Thompson
Amanda Upshall
Jaclyn Walbourne
Melanie Walsh
Courtney Warr
Tracy Warren
Nadine Wedd
Sherry Whiteway
Rhonda Wiseman
Julie Woolfrey

Congratulations to everyone on your special recognition!

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