UPDATE State of Emergency – City of St. John’s pharmacies open 10am-6pm

January 21st, 2020

ADVISORY: All Community Pharmacies Permitted to Open Tuesday

All of City of St. John’s community pharmacies are permitted to open Tuesday, January 21, 2020 from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. Patients who are in need of URGENT pharmacy care are asked to visit their pharmacies during this time period and if possible ensure you have an adequate supply.

The City of St. John’s encourages the use of medication deliveries to vulnerable members of the public and to continue deliveries after 6 p.m. to ease congestion on City streets. When travelling to the store please carpool if possible, exercise extreme caution, motorists must drive slowly and watch for pedestrians.

During this state of emergency, patient safety & well-being remains to be of primary concern. NLPB, DHCS and PANL thank you for your patience and cooperation during this state of emergency.

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We ask the public to stay at home unless they have an urgent need for medication or essential baby supplies. People should call ahead to ensure that the pharmacy is open and the service they require is available. Some pharmacy services may be limited depending on each businesses’ operational ability.

NLPB thanks our affected St. John’s registrants and the affected patients for your patience and understanding today.


Keep the following in mind if you require urgent pharmacy services:

1) Patients should contact their pharmacy & determine if they are open. If so, safely proceed to that pharmacy to consult with the pharmacist.
2) If a patient’s pharmacy is not open, please consult with a pharmacy that is open to see if they can assist.
Helpful link: Find a health professional
3) If after consulting with the pharmacy the patient still requires assistance, please contact the Health line at 811 & they will provide information on other services to assist.


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