UPDATE State of Emergency – Community pharmacies can open 12pm-7pm

January 19th, 2020

UPDATE January 19, 2020 from City of St. John’s – During this State of Emergency, Eastern Health has made an urgent request to allow for [community] pharmacies to open. In order for residents to obtain necessary medication the City of St. John’s, City of Mount Pearl, the Town of Paradise and the Town of Torbay are allowing pharmacies to open between the hours of noon and 7 p.m. today (January 19).

If you do not require medication, please do not leave your home. If you must leave your home for medication please take your time, drive slowly, watch for snow clearing equipment and pedestrians.


Keep the following in mind if you require urgent pharmacy services:

1) Patients should contact their pharmacy & determine if they are open. If so, safely proceed to that pharmacy to consult with the pharmacist.
2) If a patient’s pharmacy is not open, please consult with a pharmacy that is open to see if they can assist.
Helpful link: Find a health professional
3) If after consulting with the pharmacy the patient still requires assistance, please contact the Health line at 811, & they will provide information on other services to assist.


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